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10 strengths that make Toneli Kids a unique product in the market

10 strengths that make Toneli Kids a unique product in the market

1. New farm dedicated especially to the production of Toneli Kids eggs.

2.Switching from the soil production system to the Free Range system – chickens have access to the outdoors.

3.Traceability, short production chain – shop, freshness – the company’s goal is to have ZERO days of storage for this product!

4.GMO Free (non-genetically modified) cereals food, according to our own recipe, specially created by Toneli nutritionists.

5.Extra addition of Omega 3, rich in vitamin B12 and a source of vitamin A.

6.New design for Toneli Kids with a “functional” message, designed to inform and even educate the consumer.

7.Recognized intrinsic value of the product – the most awarded product on the market, which currently holds besides “Gustul Ales” 2020 also two international distinctions – SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD 2019 from INTERNATIONAL TASTE INSTITUTE and GOLD QUALITY AWARD 2020 from MONDE SELECTION BRUSSELS. Monde Selection experts described it as “an impeccable egg with a tasty yolk”.

8.Extensive distribution – with few exceptions, Toneli covers the formats of cash & carry, hypermarket and supermarket stores and through in-out actions, even discounters.

9.360 degree marketing – For the relationship with the market and the final consumer, the organizational structure of Toneli has a marketing department that works on a 360 ° plan in order to identify needs and to effectively communicate all features, advantages and benefits provided by the company’s products.

10.Dedicated merchandising – ensures the implementation of the merchandising standard by correctly placing the product on the shelf in the Toneli range, being also involved in the Category Management’s development of the egg category sold by the customer.