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All Familia Toneli products will have the Nutri-Score label, the independent labeling system which classifies foods based on nutritional information

All Familia Toneli products will have the Nutri-Score label, the independent labeling system which classifies foods based on nutritional information

Soon, all products of the Familia Toneli brand, the leader in the market for the production and distribution of consumer eggs in Romania, will bear the Nutri-Score label, the independent labeling system that classifies foods based on nutritional information.

We talked to Florin Panfile, Sales Director of the Toneli Group, about the new Nutri-Score labeling system, which is being implemented in the entire range of Toneli Family brand products.

What does the Nutri-Score label mean for Toneli eggs? How are these reported on the shelf?
Nutri-Score is a project and also a Toneli objective, as an integral part of the Toneli Family communication strategy started last year. It should be noted that we would like the consumer to know the basic values ​​of the egg, as we are talking about the most complete food, as well as the basic elements of category management – growth codes. (0 – Bio / ecological, 1 – free range, 2 – soil, 3 – conventional / improved batteries) and the sizes of the eggs inscribed both on the casserole and individually on each egg (S, M, L, XL).

First of all, we were concerned with placing the Nutri-Score information “in plain sight”, where it does not require effort to discover it. Then, I noticed that some retailers have already taken the commendable initiative to signal the presence of the concept to some products, both at the entrance to the stores and on the shelf, through appropriate displays.

Which Toneli Family products will have the Nutri-Score product label?
All Toneli Family brand products will carry the Nutri-Score label and the good news is that they are all rated A score!

The exception is white eggs, where we record a B score on the grounds that white eggs have a higher content of saturated fatty acids (just over 3%), compared to red eggs which have somewhere at 2.8%. However, this does not mean that white eggs are inferior in quality, on the contrary, it should be noted that white eggs have a higher foaming rate than red eggs. We will therefore have approximately 15 products from the Toneli Family on the shelf labeled Nutri-Score.

What are the benefits of this labeling for Toneli Family products?
The main benefit is received by the final customer, because it is a service dedicated 100% to him. The product receives a quick and correct evaluation in terms of nutritional values, it is an open book that involves commitment and commitment from the manufacturer.

What is the validation process for Nutri-Score products?
The Nutri-Score validation process, not being the result of implementing a law, is in fact a scoring result from a simple mathematical formula, based on data extracted from product analysis bulletins. What appears on the label is, in fact, so to speak, a statement on your own responsibility regarding the nutritional values ​​of the product you are marketing.

Toneli assumes transparency in this process and to any request from customers, consumers, authorities, etc., we are unreservedly open to respond promptly with the implicit ones.

Toneli is the first producer in the category of consumer eggs in Romania to implement the Nutri-Score system?
From what we know at the moment, yes, but we believe that they will not be left alone. We do not like to look at the yard of others, we see our plans but we would be happy to see the whole shelf of the illuminated category of Nutri-Score labels with grades A and B that would raise the value of this miraculous food in the true sense of of the word.

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