Familia Toneli



“The most important asset of a company is the people!”

Organizational culture

“For us, 2+2  … is 5 and sometimes even more!”

Toneli’s organizational culture has shaped ots main features even before the company was founded.

The shareholders of the company are characterized by the good habit of quality work, made healthy and responsible, as well as by transmission of the skill from generation to generation in their families. They have planned to bring this TRADITION into the company. Our organizational culture was born under this trait.

MINDSETThe other side of the cube! We believe that there are no problems; we only have OPPORTUNITIES to become better. That’s why we come up with  IDEAS and SOLUTIONS to take us further along the path we have chosen through our organizational mission.

EXPERTS and EXPERTISE  – Toneli knows that leadership in business and in every industry is achieved through people of high  professional quality. That is why our company we inspire and offer opportunities for personal and professional development to people, thus generating added value to the processes and operational flow. Employees thus gain valuable knowledge and experiences that make them become respected professional in their work.

TEAM “For us, 2 + 2 … is 5 and even more!” Toneli relies on the synergy of values, on individual values put together in the company’s gear, so that they enhance each other and amplify for the benefit of the common result.

TECHNOLOGY – The next level that we constantly want, as an industry leader, actually means investments made at the right time in technology and in creating market trends. We want to be good, efficient, valuable. This is our aspiration!

FUTURE – Toneli is a visionary company, a leader who maximizes its present while carefully preparing its FUTURE. We invest in both consumer trends in our industry and in the development of future  generations that will take the company to a higher level.

PERFORMANCE – Everything we build behind the scenes must generate at the end of the day performance and profitability, elements that close and characterize the efforts made and that generate resources for a new superior approach.

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