Familia Toneli


Sustainability Report

We protect the environment and we are responsible for:

Employee welfare

Hens welfare

Environmental welfare

Communities welfare

Employee welfare

Statement for non-discrimination of any kind

Ensuring the necesarry good working conditions, including the hygiene and anti-Covid protection

Food ratio

Meal tickets

Full employee vacantions


 Hens welfare 

Strategic direction and investments in the Free Range and Bio area

Technology upgrades/ Retrofitting

Natural food

Clean water


24/7 monitoring program of the good functioning of  farms and thus the avoidance of “accidents among poultry populations”

Environmental welfare

Air protection

Water protection

Savings on electricity and natural gas consumption

Control of CO2 emissions

Waste / recycling management

Nature regeneration actions – eg: planting trees

Communities welfare

Hiring staff in the area bordering the work point

CSR actions




Humanitarian aid