Familia Toneli

Feed Mill

Feed Mill

The craftsman of the healthy diet of birds

The work results of our nutritionists is materialized in a high quality feed, perfectly adapted to the nutritional  needs of all age groups of birds.

The entire technological flow from the aqusition of the raw materials to the poultry feeding system is designed s to ensure zero contact with the working personal.

Toneli encourages and uses natural raw materials without hormones, antibiotics and without production stimulators!

Brief history of

Feed Mill from Titu

The Feed Mill dates from 1971, has a total area of 76,000 square meters and is located in Costeștii din Vale commune, Dâmbovița county.

Advantages of using

the own Feed Mill

  • 100% control over the feed recipe;
  • Control and safety of raw materials;
  • Own team of specialists in nutrition;
  • Customization – feed regime adapted to nutritional requirements according to:
    1. Bird hybrid;
    2. Age;
    3. Growth system;
  • Cost control;
  • State-of-the-art technology;
  • Flexibility, ability to adapt and quick testing of new recipes.

Performance parameters

Maximum production capacity

150 000

tons of feed per year

Raw material

15 000


Finished feed

1 000


   Permanent   staff



Number of recipes produced



Investments in modernization

In the period 2020-2022, the production unit went through a complete process of modernization and refurbishment that required an investment of approximately 2.5 million euros.

The purpose of the modernization was:

  • increase of production capacity from 50 000 to 100 000;
  • better quality control;
  • optimizing of the technological flow and the production process.

Stages of the operational flow


of cereals and other raw materials

  • Quality control of raw materials for the elimination of molds, toxins, other possible sources of infestation that may affect the quality of feed, the health of the birds and implicitly of eggs consumers;
  • Adaptation of recipes to the nutritional parameters of raw materials.

Feed production

  • Dosing of macrocomponents (wheat, corn, grist);
  • Grinding of macrocomponents;
  • Mixing macrocomponents with vitamins, minerals (PVM = protein, vitamins, minerals) and oil (sunflower, soy);
  • Temporary storage of the end product in silos;
  • Quality control of the end product before each delivery.


  • For own farms, the product is delivered in special tanks;
  • For resale to the population, the feed is packed in bags of 10 kg.


  • It is carried out with own authorized veterinary machinery intended exclusively for the transport of feed for laying hens;
  • The transport fleet is subject to a rigorous hygene and disinfection regime to avoid feed contamination.


  • It is performed pneumatically, from transport machines to silos from  poultry farms, without the staff coming into contact with the feed!

Future projects

In-house extrusion process of raw material (soy) to optimize the quality of soya seeds.

We produce responsibly

Air quality protection

Noise protection

Soil protection

Radiation protection

Nature protection

Waste management