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Liquid Egg

Liquid Egg

For the Horeca area, confectionery – pastry and even industrial producers, the liquid egg is or rather, should be, the 1st option when the recipes have eggs in their composition.

Among the strengths of liquid eggs we mention:

  • The cooking time is reduced by eliminating the egg-breaking phase;
  • Reduced storage space compared to that required for eggs in shell;
  • Simplified operational flow;
  • Eliminating the risks of infection with various bacteria (Salmonella, etc.), by pasteurization;
  • The costs with the staff charged with breaking or eventually separating the eggs (egg white/yolk) are eliminated;
  • The elimination of risks related to broken egg shells or with the presence of old, cracked eggs, etc.


  • Egg white (2, 5, 10 kg) – 1 kg = 32 egg whites size L (63-73 gr);
  • Yolk (2, 5, 10 kg) – 1 kg = 58 yolks size L (63-73 g);
  • Mix (2, 5, 10 kg) – 1 kg = 20 eggs size L (63-73 g).