Familia Toneli

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer

It is a natural organic fertilizer obtained from dejections (manure) of birds raised on Toneli farms, on the ground and on the ground with access to outdoors.

The manure is pelletized after a maturation period of at least 90 weeks, being certified for use in organic farming.

It is rich in nutrients, helping to enrich the quality of the soil, it is easy to spread on the soil or it is incorporated into the soil in autumn to provide the minerals needed for plants in spring.

Pelletized manure contains the entire range of nutrients in a biologically balanced  proportion: biologically active substances, easily biodegradable and water soluble  necessary for plants, able to increase soil fertility.

Advantages of using pelletized manure

  • natural organic raw materials;
  • rapid action with the release of nutrients, gradually and in the quantities required for plant;
  • ensures the development of a strong and healthy root system;
  • harmonious content of easily soluble nutrients in moist soil, with long-lasting action;
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  • ideal for any type of soil;
  • high soil fertilization by humus, organic matter and microelements;
  • does not contain pathogenic bacteria and seeds sprouted from weeds;
  • can be used either dry (for large areas) or in liquid form, mixed with water (for small areas).

Physico-chemical characteristics

Parameter nameUnit measureDetermined value
Moisture%Max. 14.5
Organic matter by calcination loss%Min. 59
Azote% su2.00 - 3.5
Total phosphorus% su1.5 - 2.0
Total potassium% su3.5 - 5.5

Each fertilizer contains varying amounts of certain minerals that help the plants as follows:

  • Nitrogen: helps to form proteins in the plant and stimulates the growth of the stem and leaves;
  • Phosphorus: helps the soil breathe and brings an energy supply;
  • Potassium: gives firmness to the plant and helps it to form strong roots.

Microbiological properties

CharacteristicsUMAdmitted limit
Pseudomonas sppufc/gnegative
Escherichia coliufc/gnegative
Staphylococcus sppufc/gnegative

Application method:
We recommend applying the fertilizer on the ground, in autumn or spring, a few days before sowing for the biological activation of the soil. It is effective on the following types of crops: field crops, vegetables, vines, fruit trees, small areas, clay soils, sandy soils. To establish the optimal dose depending on soil type and crop, we recommend you to consult a specialist.

Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once the package has been opened, unused fertilizer should be hermetically sealed. The shelf life is unlimited under the above storage conditions. The nutrient values of the fertilizer are valid at the time of packaging and may change depending on the mode and duration of storage.

Recommended dose

Cucumbers600 g/mp
Peppers400-500 g/mp
Eggplants200 g/mp
Melons450-600 g/mp
Tomato400 g/mp
Fruit trees2-4 to/ha
Flowers200-450 g/mp

Testing in collaboration with the research institutes:

ICDLF Vidra, ICDLF Buzau, ICDP Pitesti-Maracineni

The fertilizer can be effectively used:

for crops in greenhouses / solarium crops; gardens / fields

The results may vary depending on:

soil, rotation of crops and varieties, climatic conditions