Familia Toneli

Sorting and packing

Sorting and packing

It’s carried out centrally in the Toneli Packing Center unit in Costeștii din Vale

Sorting and packing capacity

120.000 eggs/hour – 1,5 mil eggs/day


  • Sorting is automatically done;
  • The separation of dirty eggs is done by photographing and analyzing the eggshell;
  • The separation of cracked eggs is done with the help of ultrasound, the egg receiving 14 blows to identify the eggs with microfissure; 
  • The eggshell is UV disinfected;
  • The inside of the egg is also inspected through “blood detection” equipment – eggs with blood points inside or with other foreign bodies are removed;
  • The machine can separate the eggs according to the color of the shell – white eggs from  red eggs.

The palletizing of the packs is automatically done by 2 robots of 3 distinct lines for each robot.

The labeling and lotting of sales units is automatically done with inkjet.