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Toneli expands its product range and introduces liquid egg into the portfolio

Toneli expands its product range and introduces liquid egg into the portfolio

Toneli, the only complete producer in terms of egg assortment, is expanding its product range. The manufacturer introduces in the portfolio the liquid egg, the most suitable choice for the HoReCa and confectionery-pastry area.

Egg is a natural food with a high nutritional value, used mostly fresh, by heat treatment (boiling, frying, baking). It is also a very valuable raw material for a variety of dishes, including desserts. If for own consumption in households, the fresh egg in shell is the most suitable choice, for the area of ​​HoReCa, confectionery and pastry, the liquid egg is the number 1 option when the recipes contain the egg.

“The advantages of liquid eggs include the reduced cooking time by eliminating the egg-laying phase, the storage space is reduced compared to the eggs in the shell, it helps to simplify the operational flow, it helps to eliminate the risks of infection with various bacteria (Salmonella etc.), by pasteurization. At the same time, the costs of staff assigned for breaking and possibly separation (egg white / yolk) as well as the risks related to broken eggshells or the presence of old, cracked eggs, etc. are eliminated “, says Florin Panfile, Commercial Director of Toneli Holding.

At the moment, the portfolio is adapted to the consumption needs of each group of customers. Specifically, there is the product testing and low consumption area for which Toneli has developed the 2-liter “bag in box” type packaging. In addition, for customers with an average to high consumption, including occasional consumption (event organizers), the 5 liter packaging was designed. Last but not least, for the professional consumers, with high turnover, the company has developed the 10 liter packaging. For this range extension, the company has signed a partnership with a processor, but wants the development and vertical integration of this new business.

“It is no surprise that a concept like ‘everything in our hands’ can be, through proper management, the winner card of any business,” says Florin Panfile.

Given the company’s full portfolio, which ranges from conventionally produced eggs to special eggs for children, Toneli is very close to the “from farm to table” desideratum, through which all the links of the operational flow are in the company’s control.

All we have to do is follow our vision and fulfill our mission as the “true master of the egg”, that is, to integrate both vertically, entering the production of liquid eggs and egg powder, and horizontally, where we aim. developing the portfolio with products with added value complementary to the egg “, adds the commercial director.

“Any product is based on the need of its beneficiary and thus liquid eggs have already been categorized by the downstream market (professional customers), depending on the final product in question, in whole eggs / mixture, egg white and egg yolk. Furthermore, liquid eggs can be produced and marketed in the fresh version, ie only pasteurized, with a shorter shelf life or preserved, in which case we have a slightly longer shelf life. There is also a categorization related to the breeding code of the birds from which the eggs are obtained – some prefer free range eggs, now the trend on organic begins, but most do not raise preferences related to this aspect “, concludes Florin Panfile, Commercial Director of Toneli Holding.

Toneli Holding, with 400 million eggs sold annually, is the market leader and owns about 30% of the volume of eggs sold in modern trade. Toneli is the only player in the local market that covers the whole range of egg categories – code 3 (improved batteries), code 2 (soil), code 1 (free range), code 0 bio (ecological), with two special ranges: Ovital – functional eggs enhanced with Omega 3 and Selenium and Kids respectively – special eggs for children from chickens fed non-genetically modified cereals.

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