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Toneli launches the product Familia Toneli BIO – from organic chickens

Toneli launches the product Familia Toneli BIO – from organic chickens

Toneli, the leader of the consumer egg market in Romania, launches the Toneli BIO Family – from organically raised chickens, a natural product with more nutritional qualities and extra health benefits, which completes the company’s product portfolio. About the context in which the company invested in this project, the BIO certification, the advantages of the new Toneli BIO Family product and the benefits for consumers, we find out more details from Florin Panfile, Commercial Director of Toneli Holding.

The Toneli BIO family, a very ambitious project

Toneli Holding has started a very ambitious project, for three years, in which it invests over 11 million euros in the construction of organic farms aiming at an annual production of over 30 million eggs.

We start the organic production this month, when we will launch two products: 20 S egg formwork and 10 M&L egg casserole. We are convinced that we will be pleasantly surprised by both customers and consumers both by the quality of the Toneli BIO Family product and by the proposed solar design, somewhat revolutionary in the category.

International and local context

An international study shows that the US organic products market reached $ 50 billion last year and has a dynamics of over 25% in the last 5 years, while in the EU there have been sales of over € 37 billion. with a dynamics of about 80% in the last 5 years.

On the other hand, only 7.5% of agricultural land in the EU is currently devoted to organic production, with Austria holding first place, with a share of BIO crops approaching 25%, and at the opposite pole is Romania (2.4%) and Malta (0.4%).

At the same time, 70% of Romanians appreciate the quality of organic products and would primarily consume such products. Of the more than 400 million birds raised on EU farms, only 6% are currently in the organic / organic system. In Romania, the share is 1.4%.

All this information shows that the market for BIO eggs is a strong emerging area, but that also involves investments and especially tailor-made know-how.

BIO certification, a rigorous process required

BIO products, including the Toneli BIO family, are certified by an authorized body, which certifies that their production method complies with ECO standards, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Thus, the entire production chain must be certified, starting from the land on which the farm is located, then the halls / farms where the birds grow – each shelter must have a maximum of 3,000 heads, be 6 heads / sqm inside and 4 sqm / head outside, then the feed is also certified organic, and finally the eggs, in turn, are certified as organic.

Also, the whole sorting and packaging process is performed by environmentally certified operators. The final product – the organic egg – must be marketed by a certified organic farming operator and will only be sold to certified customers for the storage and trade of organic products.

Virtually every stage is certified for organic farming. If there is only one operator in the production chain who is not certified for organic farming – then everything that is done before is downgraded and the operator who transacted with someone who is not certified is penalized.

What are the main features of the Toneli BIO Family egg?

Organic products are generally perceived as natural, more nutritious and automatically more beneficial to health. Beware, it is not necessarily possible to say that the organic product is tastier or looks better than the conventional product! This is not necessarily the principle of the organic product. Here the “health and safety of food” part prevails.

On the other hand, do not confuse “organic” with “natural” and “natural” with “organic”. For “natural” or “100% natural”, as we see on many labels on the shelf, there is still no legislation or authorities to certify this positioning, which remains a simple statement, whether or not assumed by the manufacturer.

About the Toneli BIO family eggs, we can simply say that we have all the possible conditions so as to offer the consumer a clean, safe product, unaffected in any way by everything that means the external environment and certainly tasty when cooked correctly, ie poached or boiled. not fried in oil.

We specify that the ecological eggs are distinguished on the shelf from the others by the fact that they have inscribed on them the code 0 – our example: 0 RO DB 023.

Regarding the price level of organic eggs, it is normal for it to be at a higher price than other eggs, given that the cost price is almost doubled.

However, we will not have double the shelf prices to let the consumer enjoy the benefits of this product considered by most nutritionists “the perfect food”.

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